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Since tasting is at the heart of our experiences, rather than list the qualities and character of each wine in detail, the best thing is to suggest you book a wine tasting and discover them for yourself. We promise you will not be disappointed!

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Californian Wines

Famous regions like the Napa Valley produce some incredible wines and wine-making has been experiencing an enormous boom here over the past 50 years. California established itself well and truly as a leading wine producer at the now legendary comparative wine tasting held in Paris in 1976, when it competed well with the best that Burgundy and Bordeaux could produce. We love our Californian wines and are sure you will too!

Chilean/Argentinean Wines

The heart of the tango is alive and beating in Argentina, but these days the wine pulse is also felt in Chile. shaped by the breathtaking wilderness of the Andes and the vast expanse of the Pampas. South America's wine-producers are making their mark with their extraordinary wines. the new vintages are frequently sold out in an instant: this tells us that we have correctly identified just what suits your taste!

European Wines

We search for and find some our most attractive and enticing wines in a variety of Europe's wine-growing areas. delicious wines from the steppes of Hungary, fragrant Mediterranean Italy, and famous wine-growing regions of Spain - we have the perfect bottle for you for every occasion!

French Wines

The Countless number of different wine estates in France's numerous wine-growing areas means that choosing our French wines for you is not an easy task. However, we were most impressed by some wines from the South and from Burgundy, which we feel combine an elegant finesse with a distinctive spiciness. The French certainly know what dreams are made of.

German Wines

We have selected wines ranging from dry to mild, including red, white and rosé from the prestigious and internationally renowned wine-growing regions of the Moselle, the Nahe, Rhineland-Hesse and the Palatinate. And not forgetting some unique specialities, such as our 'Eiswin', whose birthplace is of course, Germany. Choose your favourites and enjoy the best of German viticulture!

Australian Wines

From the continent of Australia, which broke away from other continents at least 50 million years ago and is separated form them by vast oceans, come our superb wines, just bursting with juicy fruit. Recently, New Zealand has also been enjoying great success with some top quality wines, which you can only obtain from us. Discover an entirely new perspective on these countries of the commonwealth!